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Transition Wrestling exists in large part to cover collegiate women’s wrestling news.

Our mission is to strengthen the global position of women through stories of effort, excellence & overcoming adversity — a concept we’re rooted in called transitional excellence.

We envision a future where our media represents a collaborative delivery of publications that appeal to and engage our entire audience.

Alleida Martinez (Menlo College) & Makayla Campbell (Campbellsville University); Photo courtesy of Jim Thrall/MatFocus

Why for the sport

We’re in the fastest growing sport in the United States. 

In 2020, upwards of 80 collegiate programs will offer women scholarships. Plus, nearly 30 states have sanctioned girls wrestling, added a girls division or backed a state tournament at the interscholastic level. Demographics from the 2019 women’s collegiate national tournaments suggest that states with sanctioned girls wrestling provide more women an opportunity to leverage higher education as a means to achieve relative social and economic success than states without sanctioned wrestling.

  • Collegiate women have earned the right for focused coverage – something that no one else does. We’ll address this gap by providing tournament coverage, series, interviews and other extended content.
  • Media coverage at the collegiate level exposes girl wrestlers (and soon-to-be girl wrestlers) to the superstar role models they can look up to in college. We’ll provide female wrestlers stories of women they can identify with.
  • Women’s collegiate wrestling is a prep platform for future Team USA representatives. Right now we see the greats, but we didn’t see their years of drastic growth. Not all of the leaders in our sport will go on to wrestle for Team USA. We need wholesome narratives that show the importance of the leaders that push and shape the women who represent us at the highest level. It’s the diverse team dynamics that make a program uniquely remarkable.

The wrestling community is filled with stories of the sport bringing otherwise unimaginable experiences and opportunities to a widely diverse population. Life is much larger than sport, but sport can be the vehicle that leads us to opportunities. 

Founder’s Statement

Transition Wrestling is a small business with the potential to inform and entertain an audience on a national platform. 

At this point in my life, that same fire and energy I felt when I set goals and committed myself to the pursuit of a national championship, that’s what I feel about the process, mission and vision of Transition Wrestling. Except that it feels more centered, more whole, more real. It’s that something worth showing up for every day and working on through the exhaustion, doubts and fears. I feel small compared to the team required, but entirely capable of bringing it together. 

The growth of Transition Wrestling will reflect our growth as a team. There is an endless amount to learn, and our pursuit and enjoyment of the experience is what will provide fans the quality and connection they crave. We’re striving to be our best so that we can provide our audience with content that reflects our continued efforts.   

We will be a workplace where team members excel in their areas of interest, expertise and pay attention to the interconnectedness of their responsibilities as people. We value conceptual thought, curiosity and a willingness to act.

Transitional Excellence. Wrestling is a sport built on transitions. Every action creates opportunity for reaction, and every reaction creates opportunity for subsequent action. To build transitional excellence on the mats, coaches and athletes must think openly about how the body flows in conjunction with the opponent. Some actions are immediate, others require instantaneous critical thinking and maneuvers new to the body in a match situation. On the mat transitional excellence requires the athlete to think under conditions of extreme pressure and exhaustion.

Transitional excellence off the mats is an individuals ability to think critically and rationally, to become experts in specific fields with an aptitude for change, to navigate through positive/negative challenges and ambiguity free from paralysis, to assert knowledge confidently, to remain humble and take care of the self first in order to do better for the self and others.